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As a leading source of protein, chicken plays an important part in the Australian diet.  Consumption has increased from 6kg in 1965 to an astonishing 35kg per person in 2005.  Our recent research shows that 1 in 3 people eat chicken meat at least three times a week, with just about everybody eating it at least once a week.

Royal Chef Selection offers a complete Chicken and poultry range including Traditional fresh cuts cut to our specifications including breasts, pieces, bone in and bone less whatever is required. Contact us to discuss your fresh range, or why not talk to our team to tailor a cooked solution and see how much you can save.

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  • Duck
  • Spatchcock
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Here are a couple of myths centred around chickens

Myth: Chickens are fed hormones
Truth: The use of hormones (or steroids) was banned more than 40 years ago – and this ban is strictly enforced in Australia and around the world. Advertising that claims ‘no added hormones’ is not differentiating a product, but instead stating an industry-wide regulation.

Myth: Meat chickens are fed something unnatural to make them grow faster
Truth: Most of the change in how birds grow is thanks to specialist breeders overseas, who have selectively bred birds to grow more quickly and efficiently. Research into chickens’ precise nutritional requirements, better animal husbandry and housing and improvements in healthcare have also contributed to improving bird growth and to reducing the time it takes to get chickens to market size.


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Royal Chef Selection has a motivated and experienced team of people committed to satisfying your expectations, so regardless whether pasture fed beef or lamb, MSA guaranteed tender, hormone free meat we will do our best to ensure we deliver the right product every time. Royal Chef Selection continues to build alliances with all of our customers to ensure a sound and solid partnership into the future.