Lamb Products

Royal Chef Selection carries a full range of lamb mostly southern free range lambs including our flagship range of “Tasmanian Royal Reserve” lamb cuts. The “Tasmanian Royal Reserve” lambs are from the crisp clean rolling pastures of Tasmania and are all-natural hormone, steroid free. You can taste the difference of the rich, nutritious pastures from dependable year round growing conditions which has the ability to supply premium free range lamb from the same region, 12 months of the year.


Royal Chef Selection is proud to be part of the MSA program. In the same way MLA, undertook the research on the beef industry to improve the eating quality for beef they now have replicated it for the  lamb and sheepmeat industry. The focus of the research was to provide supply chains with tools and information to monitor and improve product quality and to better meet customer requirements in a practical and cost effective way.

All of our Lamb racks, chops, dices, strips, leg and shoulder roasts can be supplied cut to your requirements. Contact us to discuss you needs

Meat Cuts




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Royal Chef Selection has a motivated and experienced team of people committed to satisfying your expectations, so regardless whether pasture fed beef or lamb, MSA guaranteed tender, hormone free meat we will do our best to ensure we deliver the right product every time. Royal Chef Selection continues to build alliances with all of our customers to ensure a sound and solid partnership into the future.