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Australian farmers have spent a long time refining the pork produced for today’s domestic market. By good breeding they have successfully reduced the fat content and increased the tenderness to make pork an everyday affordable meal.  This combined with the highest trim specifications carried out by our staff gives many cuts a leaner composition than chicken.
The most popular cuts with chefs and consumers are those that are boneless, rindless and in many cases trimmed of all or most visible fat, allowing for less wastage for the consumer.

Modern cuts generally are derived from slightly larger carcases than traditional cuts, around the 55 to 70kg mark.   There are several advantages for including increased product range and greater control over eating quality.

pork pork

Research by APL has found that the majority of consumers still prefer modern cuts over traditional for reasons including, less waste, perceived better value for money, improved health benefits, and more suitable portion sizes.

Royal Chef Selection only purchases fresh Australian Pork from our suppliers to ensure the continued strength of Australian, farms and the pork supply of only premium quality products to our clients for help with putting you menu together contact us.

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